First impressions are everything

We'll help you to make a great one

Do you want to take your brand to the next level?

In these times, no matter what you do – whether you run your own store, have a restaurant, you´re an artist, a yoga teacher, a writer, a photographer, a designer, a tour guide or a professional advisor- you need a succesful online presence.
But wait! Your competitors are doing the same so it needs to stand out over them with an innovative design, whether on social media or in your own website in order to achieve your goals. In Kixi Studio we can make that happen.

Web Design

We will create your site with an exclusive design adapted to your target audience so that you can boost your current sales and attract new customers. Show the world what you do, the services you offer or just what you want to tell.

Web Design

Logo Design

Make your brand fixed on the customers’ minds with a powerful and attractive logo.
We will design your logo so you can use it on your social media, website, business cards, flyers or posters.

Video Editing

We will edit your videos adding texts, images, sounds, animations, logos, watermarks with effects and transitions so you can upload it to Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook or show them in a social & corporate events.


Let us help you unleash your
brand's online potential.